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     Yuyao xiongying Plastic Electric plant, is Located in Yuyao city,has been called the "Home of Mould, plastics kingdom" of Zhejiang, East near the Ningbo port, With the north is the Hangzhou Bay that beautiful and fertile,distance the Hangzhou Bay Bridge 5 km, have good location and convenient surface transportation.

    Our company specializing in the production of automotive tire pressure, main divided into tire pressure gauge and phenotype of tire pressure gauge, And there are a variety of Pressure units and calibration values for different customers choice. We arduous pioneering approach is that&rdquo To quality for survival&rdquo , At the same time , we relying on sophisticated production equipment, rational Design Process, Sound testing equipment, To make our products sold in Europe and the United States, the Middle East and around the world.

    AT the same time, With fierce competition in the market , "Quality First, the service first" as xiongying's purpose, Continue to forge ahead, welcome Chinese and foreign customers wholeheartedly the presence Guidance and negotiate business.



Tel: 0086-574-62465157

Email: web@yyxiongying.com

Add: NO 3, sangyuan Road, Mazhu,Yuyao.

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